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If you own a female dog who is about to give birth, it is a thrilling time for you and the family. If there is anything that will give you more pleasure than playing with your pet dog is playing with a brand new litter of adorable puppies. Sometimes the birth is more complicated than you think, and your female dog would need assistance with the whelping process.

What Is Whelping?

Whelping is a process during which a female dog goes into labour and delivers her pups. A typical pregnancy in a dog lasts between 54 and 64 days. Towards the end of her pregnancy, a female dog starts looking for safe and quiet locations to give birth.

Can Anyone Assist In Whelping Their Dog?

Most female dogs are able to give birth to their puppies successfully, but sometimes they may require assistance. That is when a whelping kit comes in handy. A whelping kit contains all the necessary tools and equipment needed to help with delivering your dog’s babies. The kit contains instructions on how and when to use the tools and how to help your pet if she is struggling while giving birth to her babies.

Typically the whelping process takes 12-24 hours, and this includes the labour time. Once the female delivers her first puppy, there is a break of 30 minutes, after which she goes on to deliver the next pup. A typical litter consists of up to 5-6 pups. If you notice that the female has been straining for a while and is unable to deliver her first or subsequent pup, you have to step in to assist her.

Signs That Your Dog Is About To Go Into Labour

·         Loss of appetite

·         Restlessness

·         Hiding away

·         Straining due to contractions

·         May vomit

·         A Drop in body temperature

·         Bleeding or watery or green discharge from the birth canal as the cervix opens up

The First Step

The first thing to do when your dog is approaching labour is to make sure there is a designated whelping box or a whelping pen for your dog to give birth in. This is also the place to receive the new-born puppies to keep them warm and protected from danger.

Once you have arranged for a whelping box, line it with newspapers or absorbent pads. You may even place a heating pad covered by a thin blanket in the whelping box to keep the dog and puppies warm as they enter the world, which is not as cosy and warm as their mother’s womb.

Contents of Our Whelping Kit

If your dog is giving birth easily, you may step away and have some privacy. But if you notice her straining and struggling without producing pups, you must hurry and step in to assist. You may prepare for this moment by first speaking to a vet.

Ensure that you get the car ready to rush to the vet in case you are unable to help the dog within the first 15 minutes. Put on a pair of gloves and lubricate your fingers with some lubricant provided in the whelping kit.

If you see the puppy’s head or back side (breech position), then you must grab the pup gently but firmly and pull them towards you. Once the pup is out, clear the nose and mouth of the foetal membrane to allow it to breathe using a nasal aspirator and towel dry the pup. Stimulate it so it can breathe on its own. Next, clamp the umbilical cord and snap it with the Pair of scissors provided.

In case the puppy’s head is not visible, and you are unable to help your dog, rush them to the vet immediately.

After each pup, the mama dog will pass out the placenta. It is important to count the pups and the placentas to make sure all have been passed out. The mother may lick her pups clean, or you may have to do it if she is exhausted or in pain. If the mother dog is unable to nurse all her pups, formula, milk, and bottles are provided as well to provide initial nourishment to the new-born pups.

Petnap are reliable pet stores that manufacture and supply pet equipment and supplies. We have the best whelping kit there is that is equipped with everything that you might need during the whelping process.

·         Puppy ID Bands

·         2oz bulb syringe/nasal aspirator

·         Scented Disposal Bag

·         Scales

·         Whelping/Training Pad

·         LED Torch

·         Disposable Apron

·         Scissors

·         Latex/Vinyl Gloves

·         Stethoscope

·         Milton Sterilising Tablets

·         Digital Thermometer

·         Alcohol Swab

·         Disposable Pulp Kidney Dish

·         Comfigel Lubricating gel

·         Puppy Formula

·         Cotton Wool Balls

·         Lactol Feeding Kit

·         Flannel

·         2ml Syringe

·          Sponge

·         5ml Syringe

·       Forceps

·         Hand Sanitizer




·         Whelping advice & forms

Dealing in the best whelping kits in town and having more than 30 years of experience delivering the best pet supplies, Petnap are happy to serve and assist their customers in any advice they require during the whelping process for their dog. We also deal in heat pads, puppy feeding bottles and equipment, whelping boxes, and hygiene mats.

The Bottom Line

New-born babies are exciting for humans as well as dogs and are just as stressful. By using the best whelping kit, you can be better prepared to help your dog during the process. It is a good idea to always consult with a vet before attempting to assist your pregnant dog for the first time.