What Is a Whelping Kit?

Best whelping kit


If you own a female dog who is about to give birth, it is a thrilling time for you and the family. If there is anything that will give you more pleasure than playing with your pet dog is playing with a brand new litter of adorable puppies. Sometimes the birth is more complicated than you think, and your female dog would need assistance with the whelping process.

What Is Whelping?

Whelping is a process during which a female dog goes into labour and delivers her pups. A typical pregnancy in a dog lasts between 54 and 64 days. Towards the end of her pregnancy, a female dog starts looking for safe and quiet locations to give birth.

Can Anyone Assist In Whelping Their Dog?

Most female dogs are able to give birth to their puppies successfully, but sometimes they may require assistance. That is when a whelping kit

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What to Expect at Emergency Vet

There’s a veterinarian located near my house that saved my dog, and my family is extremely grateful for the help they have given. Our dog was given a second chance at living his life after a nearly fatal car accident injured him badly. He’s a such a sweet dog, so it hurt us terribly to see him suffering through the pains he dealt with after the car accident. There’s a hill on the road near our home, so there’s no way the driver could have seen our dog walking around near the road. We’ll be more careful to keep him safe from now on.

The doctor at the emergency vet said that these types of incidents are common. Apparently our dog isn’t the only dog that likes to run free. We never thought about putting up a fence around our lot of land, but this accident makes us think it … Read the rest