What You Need To Know About Pet Cremation

When a pet’s quality of life diminishes to the point of no return, it may be time for you and your family to consider euthanasia. Your vet will explain the process to you and answer any questions.

Many people prefer to be present for their pet’s euthanasia, but this isn’t always possible. Some pets may experience anxiety in the presence of their owners, which could cause them unnecessary pain.

The Process

When a pet suffers from a terminal illness, euthanizing is always tricky. Pet owners want to ensure they do the right thing for their beloved family members by caring for their health and quality of life. If your pet is in constant pain or having trouble breathing, euthanasia may be the best option.

Most vets will allow pet owners to be present for the euthanasia process, and many people find comfort in staying with their pets until they take their last breath. If you have children, talk to them using age-appropriate language about the process and what it will entail.

If you choose pet cremation Arlington TX, consider eco-friendly options like water cremation or alkali hydrolysis. The process is gentler on your pet and the environment than traditional fire-based cremation. You will also have more time to plan a memorial service, scattering, or burial in Arlington’s beautiful Mountain Creek Cemetery.

Most families choose cremation for their pets because it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than burial. However, many must know how to honor their loved ones with a traditional memorial service. If you bury your pet, consider an eco-friendly option such as an aquamation farewell instead of a conventional fire-based cremation. This process produces ashes identical to those produced by fire-based cremation but without the toxic gas emissions.


If you decide on pet cremation Arlington TX, a few arrangements must be made. First, you will need to contact your vet. They can talk you through the euthanasia process, including at-home options, and answer any questions.

They will also need to make arrangements for your pet’s cremation. Many people choose to be present for their pet’s euthanasia, which can be very comforting. Most veterinarians encourage you to be with your pet for the last few moments, which can be a great source of closure.

The Day of Service

Whether you have chosen a pet cremation Arlington TX, or a burial service, paying tribute to your pet in the most meaningful way is essential. There are many ways to do so, from a traditional funeral service at Mountain Creek Cemetery to scattering your pet’s ashes at Joe Pool Lake or Lake Viridian or hiking through Crystal Canyon Nature Area.

At Precious Pets Cremation Services, we offer an eco-friendly farewell option called aquamation, which is 100% green and a gentle alternative to traditional fire-based cremation. This process produces results identical to flame-based cremation but with fewer harmful pollutants and uses 90% less energy.

We also offer urns to hold your pet’s ashes, including biodegradable options for burial and environmentally friendly scattering tubes. We are pleased to serve Arlington, Hurst, Bedford, Euless, North Richland Hills, Keller, and surrounding areas. Call us to learn more about our options.