Pros and Cons of Feeding CBD Oil Treats to Your Cat

Cats are majestic animals. True predators who are gracious and smart. With the necessary pride of the Egyptian goddess they are, and being divine as nature made them, they are one of the best friends that humans can have in the concrete jungle we call modern life.

Even though cats are so fantastic, they have feelings and are prone to certain human-like diseases as well. More often than not, they become sick or suffer from conditions we need to help them overcome.

The most common problems of cats are injuries happening by their natural aggressiveness and the need for hunt play. It doesn’t matter if it’s just playing or they actually tried to catch a prey, they might get injured by it. In times like these, they are in pain and feel devastated. It’s not normal for a cat to stay in one place and do nothing until the problem fades away.

Sometimes cats might get sick of more serious diseases, such as epilepsy, digestive illnesses, bone problems, even cancer. All these problems come with a lot of pain and an inability to do their daily routine. See some of the common cat diseases here.

All these issues require you, as their friend and owner, to do something about it. They can’t do much more than just waiting for the problem to disappear. Cats that live in houses might search for certain plants that their instinct tells them might help, but in most cases, they need your help.

What to do if the cat is sick?

Since we must do something about them when a problem occurs, the first thing we have in mind is to take them to the vet. This is an excellent idea. There, the doctor will do the necessary inspection and the cat will be diagnosed with something.

The diagnose can be different. The vet might only suggest rest and some painkillers if the cat is in pain. In other cases, more serious treatments might be needed.

Cats are animals that are not really fond of cuddling when they are sick. Unlike dogs, they like to be left alone and suffer in peace. That should be respected, but up to point. In a lot of cases, these pets might lose their appetite and create an even bigger problem. You as their owner must do something about making the time of sickness become less painful.

Can CBD be helpful in times like this?

Your vet will probably prescribe something else. CBD products are still not so widely used. However, those liberal and progressive doctors will mention the possibility and if you’re living in a state where this is fully legal, then be sure that it’s the best possible solution for many cases.

For example, if your pet is diagnosed with cancer, there’s nothing else to do but feed them with some CBD products. Cannabis is a proven helpful ingredient in treating cancer. Not just in animals, but in humans too.

With this being said, you know that buying something like this becomes mandatory. It will lower the pain and it will help the immunological system fight the disease. You might not be able to defeat cancer entirely, but it may be helpful to make the rest of the pet’s life bearable and help them live longer.

When it comes to other less life-threatening problems, such as injuries from hunting or play, read the tastefulspace CBD oil cat treats article to learn how these products help your cat get through the day. It’s a well-known fact that there’s no better painkiller than CBD products. All you need to do is ask the vet about the dosage because humans and animals surely can’t handle the same doses.

How do CBD works?

You might’ve read something about this when it comes to humans. In the last couple of decades, cannabis and marijuana products became widely used and the benefits are obvious. Scientists put a lot of effort into research and finding out more about the pros and cons.

It is now obvious that CBD products do not have the sensation of high that THC creates but have all the other health benefits that come with it.

The CBD oils and products work by interfering with the endocannabinoid system which mammals have. This system’s job is to transfer the information from the nerves to the brain and back. In other words, every feeling of pain is lowered by the help of CBD.

Another important job it does is to slow down the replication of the cancer cells. Since the immune system is constantly fighting with them, the CBD influence makes them weaker and the body manages to fight off the problem. In some cases completely, and in some cases in which the cancer is too aggressive, at least slow down the process of replication.

What are the cons?

Even though CBD’s reputation is not the best one, there are really not too many cons of its use. The only thing we can call a downside is that your pet will lose the need for jumping up and down and run as it used to.

While the effect of the product fades away, they’ll be more lethargic and basically enjoy themselves napping and resting. This is not really a downside especially if they are hurt and need rest. See more about normal cat behavior here:

Pros and Cons of Feeding CBD Oil Treats to Your Cat


A lot of different situations, problems, illnesses, and conditions can be treated with this product. CBD oils are excellent and easy to consume and give to cats. They probably won’t be too happy to eat it on their own. Their instinct tells them it’s a plant, and they are carnivores, not vegans, so don’t expect them to jump into it.

However, a smart move of placing this into their regular dish will do the trick. They won’t notice anything suspicious if the food offered smells and tasted like meat. With it, you’ll easily help them with their pain or other diseases that need treatment.