There’s a veterinarian located near my house that saved my dog, and my family is extremely grateful for the help they have given. Our dog was given a second chance at living his life after a nearly fatal car accident injured him badly. He’s a such a sweet dog, so it hurt us terribly to see him suffering through the pains he dealt with after the car accident. There’s a hill on the road near our home, so there’s no way the driver could have seen our dog walking around near the road. We’ll be more careful to keep him safe from now on.

The doctor at the emergency vet said that these types of incidents are common. Apparently our dog isn’t the only dog that likes to run free. We never thought about putting up a fence around our lot of land, but this accident makes us think it over again because it was a pricey operation that was required to save our dog’s life. He’s a young dog though, and he’s a nice dog to have around children, so we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to keep him around for plenty more years.

The emergency vet had to do surgery immediately. They weren’t busy, and the staff members were so kind to us. We brought him in wrapped in a blanket, and the blanket was all bloody. It was covered in his blood after the car accident, so we were expecting for the staff to be grossed out by the blood, but they worked with it because they are well trained. They take their jobs seriously, and because of the quick actions of their doctors and staff members, our dog gets to live to see another year of our children growing up. The kids would have been devastated if he didn’t make it through surgery.

We brought him to the emergency vet in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, so we were a bit surprised that they weren’t busy at that time of day on the weekend. However, a 24 hour animal hospital williamsport pa. was ready to take him in when we arrived. They gave a us a diagnosis, and they started surgery as quickly as possible. Within an hour, we had news about our dog. We were in the waiting room when the receptionist came out to tell us that the dog was going to be okay. They wanted to keep him overnight to make observations about his behavior.

We let them hold onto our dog to observe his behavior, and we took the children to get ice cream. We explained to them that our pug went through surgery, and we told them that it is likely that he’ll be okay, but we did prepare them for the possibility of our dog not making it through the surgery. It’s important to keep everyone’s expectations realistic while events like this are underway. Our family is now reunited, and we are happier than ever.

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