Equine Liability Insurance & Its Importance

When you’re an equine professional, it’s important to look at equine liability insurance. You likely have all sorts of insurance policies already. However, liability is not fully covered on other policies, which is why it needs to be obtained separately.

What it Covers

The liability policy will protect you in the event of financial loss if a client or customer is injured or if their property becomes damaged. In some instances, a client could try to hold you responsible for negligence. Depending on the accusations, a lawsuit could become costly. This liability coverage would provide you with the necessary financial protection that may not be included within other equine policies that you have.

Why It’s Needed

Professional liability insurance is going to work alongside your general liability. This will ensure that you are covered in more situations. For example, you may have to pay damages as it relates to the loss of value of the horse, prize money losses, or personal injury. Professional incidents would be covered within the equine liability insurance to ensure that you have a policy that will cover you against anything that could occur as an equine professional. This may be necessary if you’re a horse riding instructor, a blacksmith, a horse show judge, or even a horse groomer.

How to Get It

It’s important to look at all of your policies. The professional liability will be a stand-alone policy that gets added to your existing general liability insurance. You will want to look at the maximum limits of coverage, including legal defense costs, settlement costs, and more. This will make it easier to know what kind of coverage you will have in its entirety.

As a professional, you need to have the right insurance. Work with an insurance company that specializes in equine policies to get the full level of coverage that is right for what you do.